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I succeeded in blocking my phone number in outgoing calls (for work), but now I am unable to unblock it. I use an Android phone. On the call settings, it indicates "show my number in outgoing calls according to the default operator settings". I tried selecting other options such as "Show number", but when I call my friends still say my number is hidden. Is there a way to fix it? (My number was displayed before, but not anymore)
Thank you


  • David L. 80555
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    So the number is now shown after I restarted the phone (just did a test call), but after using #31# to hide my number once the subsequent numbers are all hidden even when I don't input the #31# to hide my number. I don't want restart my phone after each call if I need to alternate between hiding my phone number and not. Is there other solutions I can try?
  • Fizzy
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    Hi David

    It looks like you will need to change the setting on your phone calling app.

    For most Android phones, it's on the dialer app or phone settings: Show my caller ID

    Which phone model do you have? You can search online: "how to show my caller id on (your phone model)" to get more details for your phone.
  • Princessa
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    Hi David,
    I suggest you try restarting your phone.
  • Sergii C.
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    Hello David!
    Please check the phone settings to see the option "Show number" is on and call your friend with prefix *31#
  • So_AR
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    restart your phone
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