Download speed going up and down?

Dan-Tam Posts: 3 ✭✭
My download speed which is normally 1.5 mpbs goes from this to 0 from times to times (and then it goes back to 1,5) when i try to download something. I use ethernet and i already tried rebooting my modem and disabling bandsteering.


  • MichelP
    MichelP Posts: 8,733 ✭✭
    First, try to reboot the modem and preferably do a speed test with an ethernet câble connected to the modem.
    Also, you can do a factory reset of your modem.
    With a sharp object, hold on the reset button 35,40 seconds back in the center of the modem, released it after.
    Wait 2,3 minutes until you are seeing the lights of the modem coming back.
    If your computer is connected to the modem with an ethernet câble,
    you'll see on the screen: Easy connect
    Types twice the factory password back on the modem.
    Your internet connexion is supposed to be 100 functionnal.
    You can do a speed test.
    Then, connect all of your devices to your wi-fi network with the same password.
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