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i would like to buy a phone using the paybright option,the only option is to pay in 24 months, have read that paybright doesn't do penalties for paying early, wanted to pay the phone off in a few months, if i pay off the phone by the summer would fizz allow me to get a new phone using the paybright option by the end of 2021?
i got the email from fizz and it says the following
(1) Offers (including the quantities of phones offered at a reduced price during the beta test), services and rates are subject to change without notice. Limit of one phone per Fizz member invited to the beta test.
(2)PayBright conditions apply. Limit of one phone financed with PayBright per mobile plan per year. An active mobile phone is required, even if It's not yours, to complete a financing request with PayBright.


  • I was looking iphone 11 there but can't pay. Now I'm looking at iphone se since I may need a tiny size phone
  • Fizz doesn’t sign contract , it’s BYOD
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