This payment method was declined?

There we go,
Ordered 2 sims for both my wife and I.
Created my account today all wen well.
Tonight i'm trying to register my wife's account and I Keep getting "This payment method was declined"
3 diff computers
2 Diff network
Incognito / regular browsing.
Tried 2 Diff credit card (hers and mine)
Tried to create a new account ... it says the sim card is already bound to another account.
Tried to contact support, the lady says I need to basically send her my tax report for the last god damn 10 years to get help.
The address used was and is the good one. (Exact same as on my account which worked earlier today)
The credit card isn't full (lol)
The credit card isn't declined by the bank (obviously we called them first) + Tried my own
The credit card is valid and the right numbers were entered (multiple times) + Tried my own
Tried with Chrome, iExplorer + Edge, Windows 7 and 10
No I will not send support a picture of my credit card .. obviously.
Anyone is able to either delink the sim card so I can try and make it work on a brand new account or acknowledge there's a problem with the website and something will be done to fix that thing? At this point I think well just go with another provider.
Thanks to anyone who can help.


  • Waldo
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    Hi Melissa,
    Sorry about your problems.
    You could try to file a complaint in the Solution Hub. A ticket will be opened to help you solve this issue.
  • MichelP
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    Please, be patient and try to contact the Fizz customer service by chat.
    First, log to your Fizz account.
    Then, click on the green interrogation point down to the right of the page.
    After, click on the green chat bubble of Fizz and a new chat window will open.
    You'll be online with a Fizz agent.
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