Iphone 12 mini?

Toe Posts: 60
Only see iphone 11 and se. When wi fizz add 12 mini here ?


  • Fizzy
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    Hi Toe

    The iPhone 12 mini was just released earlier this month. As Fizz is prepaid, doesn't require a 2 year contract for phones and offers their phones at discounted prices, I suspect the newer phones will be offered here later (in about 6 months?) rather than sooner.
  • sman
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    Fizz is trying to give you phone to the lower price possible.
  • KingKong
    KingKong Posts: 464
    Good Question !! The 12 Mini will be my next phone aswell :)
  • Gilles
    Gilles Posts: 1,289
    One day, I expect.
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