I'm moving to a new apartment that had a Videotron connection, what extra configuration needs to be

I currently live at location x where I had Videotron and now I am moving to location Y where there was a videotron connection.
When I joined Fizz, the technician came to my house an did a measurement of the signal passing through the coaxial cable and registered the modem. Then, gave it to me to plug it and I had internet. Now that I will move to location Y I have to schedule again another appointment so the technician does a measurement and registers the modem? I feel frustrated that the next appointment will be in over a month (December 22nd). With home office this impacts me a lot and moving out of my house was an unplanned situation that is why I did not schedule it before. What can I do to have the service more quickly, is there any configuration I have to modify on the modem? Change DNS? IP? ... Is really urgent to me and I dont see the point of the appointment :(
Hope you can understand.


  • So_AR
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    You always need to go thru fizz when you are moving
  • Anthony2
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    Get a modem and plug in.
  • daniel C. 79253
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    Hi, this is a follow up. So , I moved to my new place and when plugged in voila I had a new public IP address and connectivity to internet :)!! Thanks averyone for the support and good answers!!
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