How to retrieve Voicemails?

I was way to quick to set up my voicemail and didn’t use the correct password provided in the text they send once you activate phone. The icon says I have 3 voicemails, but when I click on it, it tell me I have no messages ?


  • So_AR
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    hope this has been resolve
  • LemonHead
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    Hope you got it to work with what Mike said
  • MichelP
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    Hi, Julia,
    You can modify the PIN of your voicemail.
    First, log to your Fizz account.
    Click on: My plan
    Click on: Manage my plan
    Click on: Advanced settings
    Click on: PIN to your voicemail
    PS: choose a safe combination of 4 digits,
    for example: 1234 will be rejected
  • Stephane83
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    Follow mike's instruction. Hope it Will be okay
  • Mando1
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    Hi Julia,
    Hope you found a solution, if not, do not hesitate to contact Fizz support.
    To log into your Fizz account.
    Make your way to the Solution Hub.
    On the help page pertaining to your issue, click on the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner.
    The chat service is available every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. The chat bubble won’t appear outside of these business hours.
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