Did Fizz sneakily change the 200/50 Mbps plan to 200/30 Mbps?

I recently upgraded to the new 200/50 Mbps plan, mostly for the upload speed. However, since the upgrade, I've never seen upload speeds over 35 Mbps when using speedtest.net or the Fizz Wi-fi app.
Today I logged into the my plans page and I saw that my plan now says "Upload 30Mbps". Also, the Our Plans page was changed to reflect that. However, when I upgraded my plan, I received a new Services Agreement stating that the upload speed is supposed to be 50 Mbps. Is this something that Fizz can change without any notice? I can't seem to find any fine print stating that in the services agreement.
I'm not saying 30Mbps is not enough for me, it's just that the price didn't change with the "downgrade"" from 50Mbps. 77$ seemed more reasonable for 200/50 than it is for 200/30.


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