Recover CODA password

Hi I'd like to access my admin CODA-4680-FIZ portal, but I think I chqnged the password from my wifi password to something else, but I can't remember what it is and now I can't access it, any solution ? I tried username:cusadmin
and both my wifi password and my account password, and nothing works... Need Help please !


  • MichelP
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    You must do a reset of your modem.
    With a sharp object, presse in 35,40 seconds the reset button located back in the center of your modem. Released it after and wait 3, 4 minutes to see coming back the lights of your modem.
    If you are direcly connected to your modem, you'll see on the screen:
    Easy connect.
    Types twice the factory password of your modem (indicated back of your modem).
    Your internet connexion is supposed to be 100% functionnal.
    Connect all of your devices to your wi-fi network with the same factory password.
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