Problem with spam voicemail?

Hi i read a lot of the post in the question section who say we can block number and it's will block them on the voicemail too who is completely false because android will report the number you have block directly to your voicemail. I see a lot of lie in here on the subjet from fizz support and thats why i post it here because its pissed me off to see false information to close a ticket. Thank you if you cant do it say it at the place of lying. Would you make it clear that you can't do it and its not the user fault?


  • Fizzy
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    Hi Nicolas

    You are correct. If you block a caller, the call will go directly to your voicemail. Spam callers can be annoying.

    Here are some options you can do to prevent callers from leaving a voicemail:

    1. If you use call forwarding to forward your call to an invalid number, the caller will not be able to leave a message.

    2. If you don't want voicemail, you can remove this option from your plan. Please note that this is a change to your plan and you will pay the current listed plan price.

    3. The maximum number of voicemail messages is 15. If your voicemail box is full, the caller won't be able to leave any messages.
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    Hi Nicolas
    some user reported to be using youmail app which is suppose to block the spam and custom call block
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    I'm lucky I don't have this issue
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