Moving Internet - in between period ?

This is a follow-up question to my previous one "I am moving to a verified service location, do I still need an appointment for moving my internet ?". (Thanks for the answers
So I took the appointment on Nov 27, and hence deactivation date at the old address also on Nov 27. This is in case I cannot connect my internet at the ne location right away ( I am moving on Nov 18). The idea being, if I can't connect at the new location on Nov 18, I still have access to the old address until month end, so I can return and work from the old address....
Basically, my question is: how can Internet be available at the new address on Nov 18 is the service is only deactivated on Nov 28 ?


  • Mike
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    Yes you can connect also today if the cable is working, you can move the modem in any working videotron coaxial cable
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Amine

    The key is your Fizz modem. The internet will work with the Fizz modem that is connected to your plan. But the service line at the home must be active as well.

    Yes you need to keep the appointment, as it is routine for the technician to check/test your cable line.

    Have a safe move!
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