Can anyone resolve the issue of sending out duplicate texts?

My phone is an LG G7. I am sending duplicate texts to both non fizz and fizz users. Over the year, I have reached out several times to fizz and I am not sure what to do next. I have tried everything from resetting SMC settings, factory resets, using stock chat clients, deleting messages, switching sims and restarting phones. Nothing seems to work. It does not happen when I switch the sim card out to another phone. The last instruction fizz provided to me was to turn on and off Airplane mode, Data roaming and Wi-Fi, made sure my OS was up to date, pop out the SIM card and pop it back in, restart the phone and then reset the mobile network settings. That also didn't work. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


  • Fizzy
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    Hi Olivia

    As you confirmed, this seems to be an issue with your phone and not the Fizz SIM card or service.

    Can you also test for the same issue with another SIM card on your phone?

    Are you using the original software (OS) that came with the phone?

    Make sure you are using the native text app on your phone. You can try a factory reset of your phone. If the problem persists, install the latest updates on the phone and retry.
  • Sevy55
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    Hi Olivia,
    It also seems to me like a phone issue, since this does not occur if you switch phones.
    Have you tried asking your phone provider (LG) to see if they can help ?
  • it's most likely your phone. you'll have to deal with it until you get a new one.
  • You can ask fizz on the live chat through the website, facebook messenger or twitter. They are usually there 24/7 on social media. They will be glad to help you!
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