What is your data billing measure unit ?

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Hi Fizz,
i wonder what is your data billing measure unit ?
because I believe you unfairly overcharge our data usage.
let me be clear.
I do have an app which specifically measure my data usage (in\out) to give me a clear picture about how much data i consume per month, per week or per day.
your measure are much larger than laid out by the app. i have even turn on data plan only on specific usage to monitor your method, so i come with this : we are being charge per-megabyte !
what does it mean ?
if I check my email thru my app (let's say Gmail) and i didnt receive any messages nor send anything : the few packets transmitted will be charged a whopping 1 Mo !
equivalent to the unfair practice per-minute billing for phone calls from some greedy companies (not fizz here)
( ie : 10 seconds = charged 1 min ; 60 seconds = charged 2 min etc..)
So my question is : do you really bill us per megabyte ?
data billing per half megabyte sounds reasonable to me.
any thoughts Fizz users ? anyone monitoring data usage ?
please write down your experience.
looking forward for a Fizz Mod to give me detail !


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