Is RCS broken?

Apparently RCS is finally here !? But I tried everything you can possibly think of to activate it and it says that the carrier doesn't support it. I contacted Fizz support and they told me that everything was working on their end after 15 support messages. And I contacted Google support and they told me that they're telling the Google message team about it.
Please if anyone has a fix tell me in the reply because it's so frustrating.


  • You can try contacting fizz through livechat, on facebook messenger or twitter, they have been very helpful!
  • Alzhi
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    I'm sorry you feel this way Marie-Laetitia, I have worked on a project that involved Google and RCS, so let me expand on the support of RCS.

    RCS is dependant on 2 things : Provider and device. Not all providers supports it and not all devices are supported. For example when another provider launched RCS in the summer of 2019, only the Google Pixels and some LG devices were available. With time that provider introduced different device such as Samsung and a few more android devices.

    Using an Android device myself, when I switched from another provider to FIZZ, I lost the connection to the RCS feature, which means that at that time (and still now), the device I have is not supported.

    I hope this helps you understand how RCS works.
  • I'm waiting for this feature a long time away... I try it again today and it's still not working on my S10+...
    Wake up Fizz and unlock the feature!!
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