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my chat boxes keep disappearing. how do i view previous chats?

two problems:
1. my chat boxes keep randomly disappearing, and by the time i get through the 10 captchas to log back in and get back to a page with a chat bubble, the chat has been ended by the customer service agent and i cannot figure out why this is happening or how to solve it. (they disappear regardless of the device or browser, or if i'm on the app. it is also not specific to my account as it is happening to my rommate as well.)
2. in a chat, a fizz customer service agent lied about something (presumably they just didn't know what the actual procedure was), and i normally i take a screenshot of every conversation i have but i haven't been able to recently because the boxes just up and disappear before i am done the conversation. how do i view my previous conversations? i want to be able to show this past conversation to whatever agent i get in touch with next because i was heavily mislead by this person and am having a hard time resolving the issue.


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