How do I change my current number that I have with fizz with a number from a old provider that I hav

I have 2 phones and 2 plans I have one with fizz and one with Fido I want to transfer my current Fido number that I have to my current fizz number that I have and swap it would that be possible


  • I don't think it is possible. Maybe your second number to your fizz account and cancel your other fizz account after
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    Hi Paramalingam

    You could do the number swap but it will need to be done in 2 steps and you will lose the plans you currently have.

    In each case, you need to port your number to a new plan (because if you port to an existing plan, you will lose the old number). So the suggestion would be to get a new Fido SIM and plan, so that you can port your Fizz number over to Fido. Then you can reuse your Fizz SIM card to activate a new Fizz plan while porting over your original Fido number.

    Maybe the swap is more trouble than it is worth. Maybe you just want to port from Fido over to Fizz and benefit from the new account referral credit.
    Or if you are receiving grandfathered plan prices, you can leave your plans and numbers as they are.
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