Don’t need another modem after resubscribing

I have just got back to my 2nd home and trying to reactivate my subscription so I can use the internet.. it’s saying I have to wait till november 20th for them to install a new modem, but I have one already up and ready to go. Can you guys simply activate my plan right away so I can get going with my day please. Thank you!


  • Sarah D. #35005
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    So here’s the situation. I have 2 homes. Both have fizz modem up and running. I’m at my second residence now where my subscription was cancelled since I wasn’t there anymore, and now wish to reactivate my plan. How can I do this without having to have you guys come and reinstall a new modem. I only need to reactivate my subscription.
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Sarah

    I see your reply went to moderation and is now released for all to see.

    Do you still have the modem for your second home?

    If yes, you can try logging on to that account to make a payment and reactivate the service.
    Go to manage your plan on your account. Click on your payment method. If you see the "Make payment now" button, click to make a manual payment. Once payment has been made, your service will be restored within 2 hours.

    If you already sent back the modem, then you may need to sign-up for a new plan.

    As always, you can contact Fizz support for more details regarding your specific accounts.
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