I have both Internet & mobile (Canada+USA) plan with Fizz. Will I be able to transfer/move these to

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I am moving to Vancouver next weekend. I wish to know if I will be able to transfer or move my Internet and Mobile* plan over to Vancouver and use it there. I tried going into my account and manage services and typed in the new address. But when I click save, it brings me to a blank page. No information is displayed. If I am unable to transfer, I would have to cancel my subscription. If I cancel subscription, do I have to return my modem? How will I return it?
*My current subscription for mobile covers all over Canada plus USA.


  • MichelP
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    You will be obliged to unsubscribe to your Fizz plans and return the modem by mail.
    Fizz is not a national provider like Rogers, Telus, Bell.
    To subscribe to a Fizz mobile plan:
    You need to stay in the green suscription zone of Fizz in Quebec and only Ottawa.
    And for the internet residential plan:
    You need to stay where the câble network of Videotron is available.
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