Moving to an existing Fizz line, is a technician required?

My condo have Fizz installed and I will transfer it to another location. I am planning to rent my condo
Does my tenant need a network technician to come verify the line or they can just ship the modem and reactivate the line? Due to covid, I will prefer less contact.


  • Mike
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    Hi Raymond,

    Yes he must follow the procedure, the tech must come to verify the line, this will confirm the information on file too.

    The tech will check the line from outside :D

    However, he can bring his own modem connect it and everything will work as usual if it is already a customers.

    If your tenant is not a customer, he has a problem with Fizz installation :(, since your are moving, the operation must be completed, in order to give the opportunity to a new customer to activate a new plan at the same address.
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Raymond

    Since you are moving your plan, the new tenant will need to sign up. Then the technician will need to bring the modem on the installation appointment day. Fizz does not ship the modem to you. Up to now, it is always delivered by a technician.
  • MichelP
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    The new tenant in the appartment must sign up for Fizz internet and fix a date for the installation with the technician.
    This person will check the signal of the internet connexion and bring to the tenant the modem.
  • So_AR
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    yes because they will eventfully disconnect it
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