Can someone help me?

Hello, I have 2 cell number with you. Not long ago my daughter's email got hack. She received this morning ma message from Fizz to update payment info. We forgot password to login to fizz. We cannot recevied email to change password because her email got stolen. What are the solutions for us to update payment information to avoid service being cut. She needs this phone to be working all the time. PLEASE HELP US


  • So_AR
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    contact fizz customer service to get more information
  • MichelP
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    If you have forget your password with your Fizz account, you can change it.
    Click on forget password and follow the steps to modify it.
    After you have changed your password,
    log to your Fizz account
    and contact them by chat.
    Also see the instructions to change the payment method into daughter's account:
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