Can the price labelled now change later on in the future? (price get higher)

I'm really interested in purchasing a Wifi service at Fizz, but I was just wondering if the price labelled now can increase later on in the future? Is the price labelled a limited time offer deal?...We were with Videotron A years ago and after 1 years with them they drastically increased the price.


  • So_AR
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    they change ouvertime
  • MichelP
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    Normally, if you dont change your Fizz residential internet plan, you will pay the actual price when you decide to order it.
  • Yelena
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    I've been with Fizz since February 2019, and my price has never increased. Moreover - the actual price I pay now is much less than the price I paid in the beginning because of the bonuses from My rewards program, which is impossible with other providers. To be more specific - you can have up to 7$ discount on your monthly bill in the future when you accumulate enough points.
    As a rule of thumb, your price shouldn't change if you don't change your plan. In case Fizz decides to increase prices for existing customers we'll be notified 30 days in advance.
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