Why am I being asked to activate my card when I already did it?

I am now with Fizz and everything is working well. I activated my sim card but I keep getting emails to activate my card. When I add the information again it tells me that someone else has that code (which is me). Why am I getting emails to finish activating my card when it was already done?


  • Yelena
    Yelena Posts: 1,861 ✭✭
    I've had this issue in the past. It happened when I checked internet pricing and availability for friends who wanted to subscribe while being logged in to my account. So the system thinks that you want to add a new plan to your account.
    If you do it while not being logged in, you won't receive those notifications.
  • MichelP
    MichelP Posts: 8,732 ✭✭
    Dont worry!
    If your Fizz mobile plan works well, ignore those notifications.
    Enjoy Fizz!
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