Installation for internet?

Hi, i am getting my modem installed on November 4th. There's a tiny dilemma, we used to live in a 2 story home and now we split it so the modem is downstairs, we want to move the modem upstairs however i believe someone has to drill a hole so that the cable is able to each upstairs. Would this be possible for a technician to do?


  • PsykoB
    PsykoB Posts: 433
    If you choose the complete installation, I guess yes.You don't have any cable plug anywhere upstair? If yes, maybe you can use it and use a splitter.
  • Yelena
    Yelena W6TSVPosts: 1,809
    This has nothing to do with complete installation, which includes the modem configuration.
    Technicians will do the necessary job to connect you, but not more than that. So you'll probably have to buy a splitter.
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