Port 25 blocked ?

Hi, i have setup port forwarding to forward port 25 to my workstation, but i cannot connect to it through telnet.
I have disabled firewall/antivirus, etc...
I am able to connect to port 587, which i also forwarded, but no port 25.
Is Fizz blocking port 25 ?


  • No ports are blocked by Fizz (or Vidéotron who manages the infrastructure).
    Double check your settings on router, firewalls, VPN, windows, etc.
  • I would be very surprised.
  • Hi everyone, thanks for your answers !
    But i really do believe port 25 is blocked, since i reconfigured my SMTP server to listen on port 26 and i can now telnet to it without problems.
    If i change it back to listen on port 25, nothing....
    I have found a company, which can redirect your incoming emails to a port other than 25, i am waiting for it to be configured to test it.
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