Regarding SIM card delivery?

I put the right address but I didn’t received the SIM card even though the email received as the fizz SIM card delivered
What should I do


  • Yelena
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    You can buy a sim card in one of the participating Couche Tard. Call before you go there because they might be out of stock.
    Contact the support after sim card activation, and they will reimburse the lost card.
  • Canada Post is not perfect, their people do sometimes deliver to the wrong address...I've occasionally received other people's mail with similar address numbers, ie. 2307 and 2207. As others have suggested either go to Couche-Tard or buy another online. If you are not in a rush wait a few days and see if your SIM appears in your mailbox or ask your neighbours if it was delivered in their mailbox.
  • MichelP
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    Unfortunately, the delivery company dont have access to your mailbox.
    Usually, they left the enveloppe in the front of the entrance of your building.
    Your sim Fizz seems to be stolen.
    If you are living in the great Mtl area, you can buy it one at the Depanneur, Couche-Tard.
    Please, check if they have some... or order another sim card and give a different delivery adress of someone you are sure to receive it.
    After, you,ve got the sim, please, contact the Fizz customer service by chat and ask for a refund of your first sim card, not received.
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