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Again - Can't I use the data network in Toronto??

I followed your advice until I choose the 'FIZZ EXT 4G'.
My phone is srt to select it automatically. But I still cannot use data.
I tried to choose 'FIZZ EXT 4G' manually but it doesn't work this way.


  • From the screenshot, it looks like your WiFi is indeed off, but there is no "4G" or "LTE" next to your network bar, which there should be if your phone was connecting to the mobile data network. My guess is that "Data roaming" is turned off, or there may be a problem with the phone's APN settings. Since it's working on the Fizz network, the only thing I can see it being in the APN setting is the APN roaming protocol being set to IPv6 instead of IPv4.
  • MichelP
    MichelP Posts: 8,352
    Check the APN settings on your phone like Domenico has recommanded to you before.
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