Why did I get charged 50+taxes already when my installation is only for Nov 6th?

I signed up for Fizz internet last night for the 50/10 for 50$ a month. There was a * saying that billing cycle will only start once the technician comes. My scheduled installation in on Nov 6th but I already see a pending charge on my c/c for 50+taxes. Why? What if I cancel my appt before then? TIA!


  • Hi Anny
    That’s pretty strange, Maybe you should try and contact fizz support and they will help you out, as we are all members just like you on the community hub.
    Have a good day
  • Fizzy
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    Hello Anny

    Fizz is a prepaid service. So you have to pay upfront before obtaining the service. Once you sign-up, the first month's fee is charged to your credit card.

    It is true that the billing cycle will only start once the technician comes, as the subsequent payment is taken one month after your installation date.

    If you happen to cancel your appointment, Fizz will refund the payment to your credit card.

    Welcome to Fizz!
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