Why there is so much issues on the Data/Wifi connection?

I see that there are many people complain the connection issue for mobile data and/or internet Wifi. I am curious to know it is because of the Fizz system or something else? I do not see the same complaint for other suppliers, such as Telus/Fido/Bell/Videotron etc. Hope Fizz can find the reason and fix it, if it is from the system. Keeping current clients is always better than giving lots of bonus to attract clients. I was a client with Bell many years ago. I had tons of services with them for years, but I stopped with them when their service got worse. They called me and promised to give me good deal, but I said I do not care about the deal. I just want to stay away from Bell.


  • MichelP
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    Everything is fine for me.
    I'm very satisfied with Fizz, both for the mobile and the internet plan.
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