Hi guys, with your internet plan, When download a file, what speed do you get?

for example, when download the large file from download test website, https://www.thinkbroadband.com/download, for the 512M file, how long does it take? thanks
I need this info before I switch to Fizz, please mention your plan as well, thanks in advance


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    ou are talking on you mobile internet on your phone or home internet?
  • The speed test should be a good indication of download speed as they dkwnload/upload a file good enough. From reading the forum, it seems that people get what they pay for +10% or so speed.
  • To So_AR, Home internet, sorry I did not make it clear
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    Hi Kate.
    Did one answer satisfy your request?
  • Hi Kate!
    The rule for real download speed is quite simple but i wont go into unnecessary details. There are 8bits in a byte, therefore speed/8. So 120mbits/8 is 15 Mbits/seconds in reality. Also varies depending on the server you are downloading from. Hope it helps
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