to stop phone from !Nov 20 to april20/21

Gregory W.
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out of country


  • Mike
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    You cannot

    You can minimize the plan

    Or you can close it, and reactivate it before 60 days period, and close it again

    Fizz garantie to keep your number for 60 days
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Gregory

    As mentioned, you cannot temporarily suspend service.

    Some questions for you to help determine your best course of action:
    1. Are you attached to your phone number?
    If yes, then you must pay at least $10 + taxes for the minimum plan (you can pay once a month or at least once every 90 days).

    2, Are you paying a special grandfathered or beta plan price? If yes, then you may consider keeping the plan because once you change it, you will lose it.

    3. Otherwise, you can unsubscribe from your plan before or on Nov 20. Then upon your return, you can use the same SIM card to activate a new plan.
  • So_AR
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    You can cancel your plan and register again after
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