Why is my "SET" 5G Channel constantly changing?

Hrair Posts: 33 ✭✭
I've set my 5G Channel to 161.
After a few hours, the channel on Fizz's menu shows as 161 (check the picture) but the actual channel is changed to 48 (using a wifi scanner tool as well as checking the channel on my laptop's IP address information).
Also, I have a device that for some reason doesn't connect to channel 48 and when the router changes, the device connects to 2.4G
Rebooting the router seems to fix it. But after a few hours, channel changes again.
Same thing happens on 2.4G. I've set a custom channel so that it doesn't interfere with my neighbors and after a few hours the channel changes.
Attached is the picture of the 5G setup. Let me know if I have to check something else!


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