How many modem is needed?

Grace M.
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I have 3 televisions in my appartment with my current provider I have 2 modems. With Fizz how many modem will be provided ? If it is one how to get the 2nd one ?


  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 20,976 ✭✭
    Fizz gives you a modem which can support the 3 televisions, the modem is also a router with the wifi.
    I believe that you are talking about something else
    Do you mean AP? Switch? Replicator?

    If you have 3 televisions and you would like to watch 4K streaming, you need to pick the 120 Gb plan.

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  • Danny M. #31189
    Danny M. #31189 Posts: 378 ✭✭
    Fizz does not do television, only internet. There is a single modem/router :)
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