Wifi: intermittent connection issue. Should I change the router?

Hello community,
for a while now, if i disconnect my wifi on my device (e.g. reboot my laptop, deactivate/reactivate my wifi on my phone), i am unable to reconnect. i don't get any specific error message except "can't connect to this network".
the only solution i have found is rebooting the router (fizz provided) which is not convenient because other devices may still be connected and rebooting will disconnect them for a few minutes (think of how bad it is during remote work while my gf is in video meeting)
do you have any ideas before I reach out to Fizz tech support?


  • @Matthew, a few months/years ago, i tried selecting my own channel after visualizing the surroundig traffic... but it was faulty no matter which one i chose. I came back to automatic on the router and i find it best.
    @MarcioJo, i'm litteraly at 4 meters away from the router. However, I recognize that now that I see the 5G separately from the 2.4G, i'm surprised to see the 5G at 1 bar out of 3 on my windows laptop.
    @all, its not really a disconnection issue. Once I am connected i stay and i have good bandwidth.... Really my issue was when i was trying to reconnect (after rebooting for instance), and i just couldn't. But it was not always like that... but when it happened it happened on all of my devices until i reboot the router/modem).
    Because it was an intermittent issue, i'll let the thread opened (or unanswered) for a week or so hopefully not having to see the same thing happening in the next few days.
    Thanks all!
  • I had similar issue with my modem in the begining then it died one day and I was without internet for quiet few days. It is not an issue anymore.
    Check if the issue is relate to modem or some other device intefering with WIFI. Sometimes it could be related to close proximity of a microwave oven.
  • Axel Q.
    Axel Q. Posts: 18
    so, after several weeks I can say i am still having this issue.
    Disabling band steering did not help.
    When it happens, all of the networks (2.4 or 5) are not working. There still appear in the wifi list but not possible to connect on all of my devices (phones, chromecast, google homes, laptops... etc)
    I ll have to buy a router insyead of relying on fizz's. Do you have any recommendation, or do you a good product comparison website?
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