Hey is there any specials plans.or deals for including the cellphone line.and home internet together

Just wanted to know if there is some kind of special plan if I get home internet and cellphone plan as well?
Does anyone know if this fizz company has good fast and reliable internet ?


  • Jacqueline R. #30472
    Hi Alexandra,
    In terms of benefits to bundling plans, the main benefits are the rebates you get for accruing levels in Fizz's rewards program. https://fizz.ca/en/rewards-program
    For instance, a $2 rebate off your monthly internet plan when you get to level two. If activated, you'll get $2 off the cost of your monthly plan.
  • Matthew A. #24717
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    Hi Alexandra,
    So far, I have great stable internet - user for 4 months now. I have the 30/10 plan and speeds are usually above that on most tests (27-36Mbs/9-12Mbs). It would appear from reading a few posts on this forum most people have problems with the FIZZ modem/router. This is normally resolved by using your own router.
    A few people with mobile subscriptions have have received an offer for a one-time rebate on their sign up with Fizz, but as Mike mentioned the referral code would be a better deal you could save $25 on each service.
    However, putting both services in one account would allow you to accumulate points in one account to receive discounts off services.
    All in all, I am happy with the service. Good luck with your decision!
  • Patricia C5YQZ
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  • Do N.
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    Not that I know of. I have both home internet and cellphone plan and don’t have any bundle/rebate.
    So far my internet has been reliable; I just sometimes lose connection when I go to my balcony.
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