Does international call option for Puerto-Rico (1000 min) include coverage while traveling there?

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The website provides mixed information on the type of coverage for Puerto-Rico. The map suggests coverage is included in the CAN-US plan but others have found out it was not part of the coverage.
Therefore, with a Quebec + Puerto Rico plan, will Puerto Rico be considered part of my coverage area? Will calls made from Puerto Rico to Quebec be covered? Will data used will at Puerto Rico also be covered or do I need to add an Add-on?


  • Mike
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    No, that are for calling from your coverage zone to Puerto-Rico

    Therefore, if you have Quebec coverage you can call Puerto Rico when you are in Quebec

    When you are in Puerto Rico you can only but data and sms the calls are only available in Canada and USA
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Issella

    No the international calling add-on is for use while you are here (within your coverage area).

    You can buy a travel data add-on and use a free app like textnow or fongo while you are in Puerto Rico.
  • Stanley M.
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    Yes but you can only use it on your coverage.
  • MichelP
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    If you buy add-on to Puerto_Rico, you'll be able to call Puerto Rico from your coverage in Quebec.
    If you go to Puerto-Rico, you need to buy add-on for data and use a VOIP application for your calls (Fongo, What's apps) to be able to call someone.
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