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Is it possible to add a option to my current plans without having to pay the current price

kije Posts: 1
I will like to know if I can add a voicemail without the price of the newest member, bc my plans cost around 41$ ish since I was there a year ago


  • If you are with fizz for long time, you are better off not changing your plan that's for sure. Some pay for their plans as low as 16$ a month!
  • Thanks for your question.
  • Andrej
    Andrej Posts: 112
    If you change your plan unfortunately it's always with a current price. Check if the price is the same and if it makes sense for you to change it or not. You can get a free voicemail with Fongo, I am using it and it works fine.
  • MichelP
    MichelP Posts: 8,352
    If you have a preferential price for your mobile plan, dont change it ( add a voicemail is a modification of your current plan).
    Because, you will loose your preferential price and you will pay the current price for your mobile plan.
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