Thinking about switching to fizz... How good is the call quality?

Very curious about the quality of calls with fizz mobile plans. Please share your experiences.


  • DLB
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    Same network than Videotron, and Videotron has a partnership with Rogers for some areas, and Fido uses Rogers network. So you can expect the same experience with Fizz and Videotron in some areas, and similar to Rogers and Fido in others.
    We have both Fido and Fizz at home, and the differences seems to be related to the phone (device), not the carrier.
  • It’s truly terrible the internet is even worse
  • MichelP
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    I'm a Fizz user for about 1 3/4 years with the mobile.
    Calls quality is fine for me and i'm very satisfied with this service.
    I wont regret my choice to have chosen Fizz since.
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