No outgoing phone service in Black Lake (Thetford-Mines)?.

Bonnie K.
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This is the second time this week that this technical issue has happened to me in Black Lake. I live for most of the time in Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine. I have no problem getting or receiving phone calls there. But in Black Lake, I intermittently have no outgoing phone service (data and wifi are fine). I can not even reach my voice mail on my phone. The phone calls voice mail but there is no ringing sound or pick up. I do receive calls in Black Lake but I do not hear the phone ring. The calls go directly to voice mail. Thank you for any help.
It seems as though the phone app that I was using had an update and my phone was too old to take it. I installed another phone app and everything seems fine now.


  • LemonHead
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    As a community member I'm not quite sure how to help. I would contact support with this one.
  • Yelena
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    Looks like your issue is resolved, so you can close the topic :-)
  • alexandre D. 59554
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    I had a similar experience near Val-des-Bois. From what I could gather, I think it was because I was on the extended network and my connection to the towers wasn't great. Cell and text doesn't operate on the same technology as data
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