Switching to Fizz from TechSaavy?

Hi all, my current provider just announced they're increasing their prices for a second time this year and I'm unhappy. I know nothing about Fizz other than someone mentioning it to me (but they're not a customer)
A couple questions:
1. I have DSL cable internet. I'm awful with these things but I have a D-Link and a TP Link (bought this one from Tech Saavy). So the TP Link gets replaced, correct? Do I have to pay for a new one from Fizz?
2. Given that it seems like this is a new company, any major red flags to know about?
3. I've never switched providers before, other than changing the TP Link what do I need to know?
Thank you.


  • Switching is very simple. Don’t worry, you’ll do great.
  • Ok I just called Tech Savvy and they said only DSL is available where I live. He said "it must be fibre optic there". So I guess I can't make the switch after all
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    Hi Katie,

    Too bad, you could be happy with Fizz internet.

    BTW if you spoke to TekSavvy rep on phone, they could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time that has happened especially if you happen to mention that you may be switching provider. You can always confirm with a second source.

    And if you are still interested to look elsewhere, you can search "dsl isp in montreal" for some names.
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    No problem with Fizz Internet after more than a year with them!
  • Yes, they could just be saying that for sure. I wrote my apartment building for confirmation, if they say yes to cable then I'll continue investigating Fizz. The main competitors are just too expensive so as of right now looks like I'll have to say with TS if cable isn't an option here.
    Do you know why Fizz doesn't do DSL?
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    Hi Katie, you may refer to my first reply.

    Fizz and Videotron are both owned by the same company. So they will use the cable network that they own. On the other hand, Bell owns and manages the telephone lines which are used for dsl internet.

    DSL and Cable technologies are basically competitors.
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    Hi !
    1. Fizz will provide the modem, and their modem includes a router. So, you don't have to buy or rent any device.
    2. It's a new brand from an old company. It's a brand from Videotron, and it uses Videotron's infrastructure. The only red flag : you will not have the support from a big company. No phone number to call. Just chat and forums. So, make sure you are comfortable with that.
    3. Wait for Fizz service to be activated before deactivating your current provider, to avoid having no internet during a couple of days.
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