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Cannot get data to work on iPhone?

We have a talk and text plan. When not on wifi, we cannot send or receive text messages.


  • Damek G.
    Damek G. Posts: 137
    Hi Ken!
    I’m assuming you did your research and are aware that you must have an iPhone 5c or later to use this network service.
    Afterwards, if it is an issue with iMessage and your iPhone is not sending a message as an SMS, go into settings> messages and activate the the “send as SMS” feature.
    That will ensure your iPhone sends it as SMS when WiFi/Data is unavailable.
    Also, if you’re not receiving a message from from another iphone user, it might be because they don’t have the “send as sms” feature activated on their side and have a connection to the internet so the messages get delivered with iMessage instead and then you’ll get them only once you connect to the internet as well.
    If none of that works,
    Contact Support!
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