Does Fizz do contactless self installation?

I need to quarantine but also need wifi @school. If this is possible, how would I let Fizz know that my delivery needs to be contactless? Thanks!


  • Evan Z.
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    I had it installed about a month ago and there was no VIP installation option for me, only self installation.
    The technician should check the lines from the outside but MAY need to come check the line inside where you would like the modem installed (this was my case). If you have symptoms it may be best to leave a note outside your door that you do not want to technician to enter your residence and do all the line checking from the outside and a phone number where they can communicate just in case. This is supposed to be the default now according to Fizz. See the COVID-19 section on this link:
    If you have no Videotron (coaxial) wiring previously at your residence, then you will have to let them in so they can run the cable.
  • MichelP
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    For the self installation, the technician will only check the signal of your internet connexion and bring you the modem.
    It's contactless.
  • I think you can make it contactless. Just let the person come in, but do not come close!
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