Is there anyway that I can change my name or remain anonymous on fizz community?

Would there be anyway to change my name so I can be anonymous when answering or asking questions?

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  • MichelP
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    Yes, you can change it to the community hub.
  • LemonHead
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    Thanks for that question. I was wondering too!
  • gabibel
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    Use a generic name (John Doe) or something like thay.
    You can change it from your profil.
  • yes you can do that !
  • What's the big deal anyways? So my name is Nick there must be millions of Nick's, well, maybe hundreds or maybe tens but I digress I never found anonymity to be an issue. What kind of info besides our first name is available to other users? Is our last name or phone number also available? Address? Hopefully not but like I said not an issue for me.
  • Yes Profile->username
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