Change Internet Provider?

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I have Fizz Internet for long time (introducing price). Overall, it is very cheap with my plan (120/20 for $35). However, the internet is not stable - it cuts few time almost every day for only few seconds. It is acceptable for me, as I do not mind for this interrupt. But the kids were upset while playing games. I chatted with Fizz, and they said I have loaded too much devices (probably 11 devices), that cause the issue. I had cable internet with Videotron before fizz, but no any problem at all. I think the issue is not because over-load ; it may be because of the modem. I am thinking to try another provider. I do not mind to keep Fizz for one month, while trying different company. I only need Cable internet (the phone line to my address is broken, and I do not like Bell). Any idea of which company has stable service?


  • Stanley M.
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    Trying a router seem like a good solution
  • FC
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    Which router you guys used to replace the Fizz WiFi? I have old one (Linksys E2500), but it seems not work very well - still have one time cut this morning. Please share your experience, Fizzmates :). Thanks.
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    Hi FC!
    You can try to buy a Asus AX router or change provider to
    Have a nice day :)
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