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"The DNS server isn't responding"????

Just like other FIZZ internet users, I am CONSTANTLY having internet connection issues. This is not just once a day, but multiple times per day. Due to COVID 19, like many others, I am working from home now so a stable internet connection is very important to me!
The error I am constantly seeing is "The DNS server isn't responding.".
Come on FIZZ, please don't blame on the end users. Who hasn't tried to unplug the modem then plug it again? I really doubt there is not any issue with the network.
I also read one of the replies from what you called 'supreme geek'. That was totally unacceptable. The person said that the users need to put the modem in a well ventilated area. Are you sure that the internet connection would be resolved by doing this? I put my modem in an open area but still got disconnected multiple times per day. Should I put the modem in the freezer?
If there are so many reporting the issues, then there is a problem somewhere. Hope you guys can seriously start looking into this.


  • @Mamie,
    I don't have any problem with my internet since day 1. It must be two thing, outage in your area or your modem is capoute.
    Since Fizz use Videotron network, maybe you can call them on the phone to check if their network have a problem. If not, then you will know it's maybe you modem and should contact Fizz support.
  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    If your two arrows are solid it means that you did not lost the connection, did you try to use the google DNS?
  • OH! Effectively! Saying to place the modem in a ventilated place is a bit of nonsense! It is true that any device should not overheat, but we are talking about a modem, not a video game system or a PC.

    Unfortunately, the only solution available to you is to contact customer service by following link: https://fizz.ca/en/solutions or by Facebook messenger, so that they can resolve your problem network.

    Maybe you could ask to have another modem? I imagine you already asked for it!

    He must have a logical reason for all his network cuts. I would like to know the reason
  • Kurt V.
    Kurt V. Posts: 351
    Modems can get quite hot too though so I would definitely recommend to let it breath. Still though, I don’t think that’s a legit solution.
  • In this case I would contact Fizz to replace the modem. If the problem persists after replacing the modem, I would switch to another provider using DSL like bell, virgin, ...etc. Don't go with cable again (Videotron)
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