stuck in loop of frozen acc?

The acc I use to pay the monthly acc is no longer the one I use for my preauths, but the service for the cell was shut off, but my mobile banking is locked to my cell phone number and I can't get into it because I have no cell service, and I can't call TD because I don't have a house phone, and I can't logon my PC without the cell phone service.
I tried updating my credit card with 3 different cards via my profile but everytime I click "Add new payment card" nothing happens for the past 5 or 6 days. How exactly am I supposed to get service or pay my bill? A bit of an amateur setup.
Please fix website to allow me to update payment card so I can restore my service and use my banking. I rely on online banking for many other things and I am unable to access it and live far away from the city.


  • I think the only way is to contact fizz support
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