Do I the only one who has problems with ordering sim?

Well, Hi.
Two months ago I have ordered sim-card, and everything was good. But 2 days ago I've lost it, and I had to order new one. But my payment was declined.
I wrote to the support about that. We double-checked billing address. It was ok. They told me, that my problem will be forward to another technical support, that could take a look at the problem deeper.
No answers for few hours. That's ok.
My wife has fizz internet, and she tried to order Sim card too. Declined. But 1 month ago everything was ok.
My friend was trying to do same thing 1 week ago. Nothing. Declined.
My final try was this - my good friend gave me her credit card to order sim card. She was with Fizz for a long time, and everything was good. Guess what? Declined.
What was the answer of the first support? Try to buy sim card in the store. Brilliant! I've checked 3 spots where can I do that - nothing. No sim cards. So, there is Covid19 on the streets, and I have to run all over the city to buy this piece of plastic? Good service.
Why company couldn't send me this SIM? I'm not asking to do it for free (but I think they should do that in such situation). What is the problem to charge the cost of this sim card with next bill? Just add 11 dollars! When I was changing phone number with Freedom - that was exactly that they did. Next bill wasn't 75, it was 85 (+10 for changing number). So what is the problem with Fizz? May be you can check your IT department if they are so handless and then hire another one?
JUST SEND ME SIM CARD PLEASE!!! I will send you back this ucking 11 dollars!


  • Thanks for your question
  • actualy Pavel you have to take in consideration the situation we are in right now with Covid-19 the shippements of every products have been delayed and every company are in a rush be patient your card will arrive soon ;)
  • EdmTrance
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    Hi Pavel.
    I've got no problem ordering a Sim Card.
    Have a nice day,
    It's been a pleasure.
  • Never had such problems, you must be the only one!
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