Anyone else has this problem?

So I've got two rather annoying issues with my account with Fizz. First, I've heard many people say that they need to call me twice for the call to connect. The first call goes straight to voicemail after one ring.
Then I also have the voicemail issue. I've entered my pin properly and I get the error message. Tried again, same pin, it says I've entered my pin incorrectly too many times and that I should try again in a few minutes.
It's been a half hour.


  • Mike
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    Can you tell us the signal level that you have?
    It seems to me a problem related to the signal strength
  • I think there is a setting on Iphones like a «do not disturb» that sends the first call to voicemail, maybe try looking into that!
  • EdmTrance
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    I have no problem.
  • Kurt V.
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    If you have a good signal, then contact Fizz and tell them about the problem. If they can't tell you what the problem is, then maybe it is your phone? You can try playing with the settings or use your SIM card in a different phone for a test if possible.
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