Change your call ID

How can you change your caller id for your profile


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    Hi Andy,

    You can refer to this post regarding Caller ID:

    The customer wrote that he received the following reply from Fizz support:
    "I have received a response from my supervision in regards to the request you had to modify or remove your name from caller ID. We do not have the ability to do so as we do not manage the Caller Name information. Caller Name (CNAM) isn’t transmitted with a phone call. It’s searchable in a database and matched to the telephone number (Caller ID) on the receiving end. Fizz has no direct control over the database used on the receiving end.

    There are numerous such databases in use and removing one’s caller name from one (when possible) won’t necessarily remove it from another. I have searched how to remove your name from OKcaller's list and I found this link which may help you specifically with removing your name on OKcaller: "
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