Portable Modem

I want to inquire about the modem if you can provide a portable wifi modem for home plan or you have other options. Thanks


  • Fizz provide one device that includes modem and router (2 in 1). It has to be fixed in one place since it should be connected to your coaxial cable
  • I have never heard of such a thing. I guess if you know how, you can disconnect the modem and put it in another room maybe, but otherwise I don't think it can be "portable"
  • please google it to find more about a portable router.
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    The modem is one you cannot pick a different one if we are talking about residential internet.
    Therefore, the answer is not.

    Moreover, the modem is connected with the coaxial cable, therefore, cannot be portable.

    If for some reason you are talking about an LTE router where you can insert a Fizz SIM card with a mobile plan, you need to buy one compatible router with Fizz technology. Be aware that you can have a mobile plan with a maximum of 20Gb.
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