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I was trying to find out if US Virgin Islands are included in the Canada+USA coverage area. All US cell phone companies do offer coverage included in national plans in the 50 States, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, but Fizz does include Puerto Rico in the Latin America zone.
When looking for travel packages for USVI, there seem to be none available, and it is only offered a pay-as-you-go rate for data ($8/MB!!!) and SMS. Are voice calls even offered there?

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    I contacted Fizz via the Facebook Messenger chat and they confirmed the travel add-ons section is the one to rely on. Puerto Rico is in the Latin America zone and there is no voice service in the US Virgin Islands, only data and SMS service.
    It seems very odd, since cell phone service in the US Virgin Islands is provided by the same providers that cover the USA, including AT&T that represents the US partner for Fizz and that is used "free of charge" by everyone with a Canada+USA plan.
    Evidently their commercial agreement excludes the Virgin Islands from their cooperation, possibly because they want to reserve their bandwidth for their own customers on the island, since I have read on a different forum that residents are only sold the most expensive AT&T plans, while visitors from the mainland can use their cell phone plans freely without extra costs.
    So, to sum up: even if you have a Canada+USA plan, Puerto Rico is not part of your coverage area but you can buy Travel Add-ons for Zone 2 (Latin America), like for most of the other Caribbean islands. Pay-as-you-go is not available for voice, $0.10 per SMS and $0.15 per MB ($153.60 per GB), with a package for 1GB at $5.00
    The US Virgin Islands, however, have no packages available, and no voice service as well. Pay as you go is $0.30 per SMS and a whopping $8/MB ($8192 per GB)!
    And the coverage map on is wrong.


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    Check the link of Fizzy or contact customer service
  • Vanni
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    The coverage map doesn't help at all, because it seems to suggest that Puerto Rico and USVI are included in the Canada+USA coverage, while the travel sections seem to suggest they are not.
    There is a mismatch between the two sections, I guess I'll signal to Fizz
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    Hi Vanni,
    I’m not much help for this, but you can try contacting support.
    Worse case scenario, you go there without any add-ons and see if it works with the USA coverage. Beforehand, make sure to install a VOIP calling+messaging app on your phone just in case. Like, TextNow (Free. Apple Store+Google Play) that i used in the pass when going to my home in Barbados or on a cruise in the nearby islands.
    That way, at least you can get a hold of someone if needed when connected to wifi. (and there’s a lot of Free Wi-Fi over there depending on where you are.
    Take Care!
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    Hi Vanni,

    I am assuming you are checking the Travel add-ons within your current plan. And your current plan has Quebec or Canada coverage? This is why you will see Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands as a travel option.

    The coverage map says that service in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are included if you have Canada & USA coverage.
    And yes you can always confirm with Fizz customer support.
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    I would check with Fizz for that to make sure you get the right info
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    Since your question is so specific, I would suggest you contact Fizz directly and ask them what your possibilities are.
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    Is it solved? Can we close this question?
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    very interesting